Type of mobile user

Not all mobile device users are created equal and it is important to understand your user base to plan accordingly.

Which type of users do you have?
  • A light weight mobile device user has less than 500 documents being tracked, has one device, and a three-day mail filter.
  • An average mobile device user has around 1000 documents being tracked by the Traveler server, a 1-week mail filter on their devices and 1.2 devices per user.
  • A power user has around 5000 - 10000 documents being tracked by the Traveler server, likely has more than one device and may or may not be running with unlimited mail filters.
  • A super user has more than 50,000 documents in their mail file, more than one device and unlimited mail filters.
As you can see there is a big difference between these users in terms of performance and capacity. A single super user on your system can use up as much resources as 1000 lightweight users. This often surprises customers when learning their performance problems are the result of a few power or super users. It is important to understand the usage patterns for your mobile user base when planning for capacity.