Remote and local mail file considerations

HCL Traveler user mail databases do not need to reside on the same Domino® server as the HCL Traveler service, unless the client that requires a local mail file is being used (HTMO, for example). In a remote configuration, the HCL Traveler service looks up the HCL Traveler mail server name and file name of the user from the local names.nsf and remotely connects to that mail server when needed.

See the Traveler server notes.ini setting NTS_MAIL_SERVERS_ALGORITHM for more information on how Traveler builds the list of mail server(s)/files(s) for a user.

Remote mail databases

Make sure that the HCL Traveler server or each HCL Traveler server in an HA pool can physically connect to the remote mail servers. To verify this connection, from the Domino® server console on the HCL Traveler server, enter this command:

trace remote_server_name

This command shows connection routing information that shows you if there are any problems with the route between the HCL Traveler server and the specified remote server.

Local mail databases

It is possible to run the HCL Traveler service on the same Domino server that is hosting mail files. This is useful for small installations or when utilizing the HTMO clients that require a mail database to be local. In general, the HCL Traveler service runs on a machine separate from other applications, such as HCL Sametime®.

HTMO only supports like replicas on group servers where Traveler is installed. The replicas must have the same replication settings in order to function correctly for Microsoft Outlook.

If you use a Server List Group to hold your Traveler servers, the database path for each replica of the mail file is required to be the same for each server in the group server configuration. For the server configuration document associated with the group, any changes affect all servers, but setting the database administrator user name and password must be performed on each server using travelerUtil.

Remote mail database support

HCL Traveler server can connect to remote mail databases hosted by Domino® 7.0.2 servers or greater. The Domino® remote mail server can be any operating system supported by Domino®.

Mail file template support

HCL Traveler server supports standard and iNotes® mail file templates, version 6.5 and greater.