What's new in 11.0.2?

Support for MySQL Database

Traveler 11.02 supports MySQL database for Traveler High Availability mode. MySQL versions 8.0.20 and higher of MySQL Community, Standard, and Enterprise editions are supported. Traveler servers configured to use MySQL must be running Domino 11 or higher. For more information, see Deploying and configuring the enterprise database.

Support for room reservations with EAS 16.x Apple Calendar

Traveler 11.0.2 supports updating room reservations for meetings modified with the Apple calendar. The Apple device must use Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync 16.0 or later (EAS 16.x). Rescheduling or cancelling a meeting from the device now reschedules or cancels a related room reservation in the Domino Rooms and Resources Database. For more information, see Apple limitations and restrictions.

Updated APNS P12 files

Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) p12 certificates updated to expire in November, 2021. These certificates replace the files shipped with 11.0.1, which expire in February, 2021.