What's new in 11.0.0?

Support for Exchange ActiveSync 16.x

Traveler now supports Microsoft™ Exchange ActiveSync versions 16.0 and 16.1 on iOS devices. This change allows for the development of features that require this version, such as the ability to sync calendar attachments. The device controls when the devices ask the Traveler server for the supported versions and which version the device uses. The device periodically checks and upgrades to the latest version that the device supports without user intervention.

Draft mail messages synchronized with server

Apple iOS devices now support the syncing of draft messages. As part of Exchange ActiveSync 16.X, which Traveler now supports, the draft messages sync from the server to the device and from the device to the server.

Support for non-repeating Calendar events greater than 24 hours in duration

Traveler now supports creating and editing events for non-repeating meetings and appointments with a duration greater than 24 hours and less than 6 months.

View attachments in Calendar events

When your calendar has an event that includes attachments in the event description, you can now download and open the attachments on your mobile device (if your device's calendar app supports this capability).
Note: Attaching or removing attachments using the device's calendar app is not supported.

Support for APNS HTTP/2

Traveler now supports HTTP/2 for communication with Apple's Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) servers. No Traveler configuration is required as the defaults have been changed to use HTTP/2.
Note: HTTP/2 uses different addresses and ports on the Apple APNS servers, so you may need to update firewalls, proxies or other settings related to the address and port changes. There is no change in behavior on the devices.