How can I integrate my HCL Verse People with iOS Call Identification (Caller ID)?

HCL Verse has two features that provide Caller ID: Sync with Apple Contacts and an iOS Call Directory Extension. Before deciding which feature to enable, it is important to understand the iOS methodology for resolving Caller ID.

When receiving a phone call, iOS first checks Apple Contacts for a contact with the incoming phone number. If a match is not found, iOS then consults the Call Directory database, which is populated by third party apps that have implemented the Call Directory App Extension. With this resolution order in mind, enabling the sync my HCL Verse People with the iOS Contacts feature renders the Verse Call Directory Extension unnecessary. It is acceptable to have both features enabled, but it is necessary to have only one enabled to see Verse People in iOS Caller ID.
Note: Some environments prohibit the Sync with Apple Contacts feature due to privacy or security concerns. The Call Directory Extension does not lend itself to these concerns and is therefore the recommended solution for iOS Caller ID integration in these environments.