What do I need to know about using HCL Verse for Apple devices?

Get ready for mail that understands you, for less clutter and more clarity, for connecting you to the people who matter to you most. Designed for mobile devices and powered by HCL's analytics and advanced search, HCL Verse works for you, not the other way around.

Work with mail, calendar and contact information, including type-ahead addressing, custom mail folders, support for mail threads, in depth search, in line preview, tracking of actions that need attention, and analytics-based identification of important content.

With HCL Verse for Apple devices, you can:
  • See mail from people important to you
  • Set people you interact with often as Important
  • Mark mail as Needs Action
  • Manage items that need follow up
  • Track who owes you a response and when
  • Work with your calendar seamlessly
  • Interact with all of your contacts
HCL Verse for Apple devices has the following non-functional requirements:
  • For supported iOS levels, see the system requirements and select the article for your HCL Traveler version.
  • The app can only be used against HCL Traveler servers at or higher.
  • HCL Traveler servers must support SSL/TLS and have a valid certificate. For security reasons, the app will not connect to a server with a self-signed, expired or otherwise untrusted certificate, nor will it connect to a server configured for HTTP rather than HTTPS.
Note: HCL Verse for Apple devices is an HCL created mobile app for iOS, and is available on the Apple app store. However, you can continue to use HCL Traveler with the built in Apple provided mail, calendar, and contacts apps on your iOS device, along with the HCL Traveler To Do and Companion apps. For more information, refer to Using an Apple device FAQ.