Reporting a problem

If you can't resolve a problem with IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook, you can report it to Support.

About this task

When you report a problem, you might be asked to submit log files. Complete the following steps to create, locate, and submit the logs.


  1. Verify that verbose logging is enabled:
    1. In Outlook, click File > IBM Mail > IBM Mail Help > Diagnostics.

      Use the Diagnostics dialog box to enable verbose logging.
    2. In the Diagnostics dialog box, verify that the Trace Level is set to Verbose.

      Select the Verbose trace level to provide as much information as possible.
    3. If Verbose was already selected, click Cancel and skip to step 2 because detailed logs were already created.
    4. If you changed the Trace Level to Verbose, click Save.
    5. Restart Outlook.
    6. Reproduce the problem that you are reporting so that detailed logs can be created.
  2. Locate the logs:

    There are two ways to locate the logs:

    • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the following folder (you can paste the path directly into the address bar:)
    • Open the IBM Mail Help's Diagnostics dialog box and view the logs path:
      1. In Outlook, click File > IBM Mail > IBM Mail Help > Diagnostics.
      2. Copy the path that displays in the Diagnostics dialog box:
        Copy the path where the logs are stored.
  3. Compress the logs into a .zip file:

    In Windows Explorer, right-click on the folder and click Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder.

  4. Mail the .zip file to the person who requested the logs.