Deploy an IP sprayer or load balancer

To support a pool of IBM Traveler Servers, you will need to provide a single URL entry point for the devices. This can be accomplished by employing an IP sprayer or load balancer, allowing a device to connect to one URL and have the request routed to any of the IBM Traveler servers in the pool.

IBM Traveler has minimal requirements for an IP sprayer:
  • Provides a single URL entry point and supports the proxying of device requests to two or more IBM Traveler servers
  • Round robin load balancing. This will spread the load evenly across the Domino® HTTP tasks as desired. IBM Traveler provides its own load balancing based on server load characteristics after it has received the requests from Domino® HTTP .
  • Ability to detect when a IBM Traveler server is no longer responding (to allow for failover).
After configuring an IP Sprayer, you must update the IBM Traveler external URL to point the devices to the URL of the sprayer. Refer to Setting the external server URL for more information. The external URL setting must be updated on each IBM Traveler server in the high availability pool.
Note: The primary link for IBM Traveler has been changed from /servlet/traveler to /traveler, so as to make it easier for users to enter the link into their mobile devices.