Securing the device connection

It is recommended that you secure the HTTP traffic to and from the IBM Traveler server. The traffic can be secured by enabling SSL for the Domino® HTTP server or reverse proxy, or by using a VPN.

Note: Do not use Redirect to SSL as the way to secure the connection. This initially allows the mobile device to send credentials over a non-secure connection and many devices poorly handle redirects. As a result, the setting may cause sync related issues. Always disable HTTP, then configure the mobile devices to use HTTPS. Most mobile devices use HTTPS by default.

Once SSL is enabled, you use URL patterns like HTTPS://hostname to access the server instead of HTTP://hostname. You can use Domino® self-signed SSL certificates or SSL certificates purchased from a certificate authority to configure SSL on the Domino® HTTP server.

Once configured you also must make sure the IBM Traveler devices are properly configured to use SSL. For more information, see the following: