Number of mobile devices

When talking capacity, we always talk about the number of devices that will be connected to a particular Traveler environment rather than the number of users.

Each device maintains its own sync history, has its own sync filters, and can establish multiple concurrent connections to the Traveler server. As such, for capacity planning it's important to accurately estimate the number of mobile devices. Partly this comes from knowing your user base as each will be different. If your user base is primarily executives, then they often have more than two devices per user as an administrative assistant often has a device or two with the executive’s account. If your user base is mostly sales staff who are traveling, then you will have a high percentage of mail users who are mobile users. The following formula for estimating the total number of devices can be used as a baseline, however it is important to adjust based on your expected user base:

Number of active mail users * 20% * 1.2 = estimated mobile device users.

In other words, it is assumed that 20% of your mail users will use a mobile device to access their mail and each mobile device user will have 1.2 devices on average.