Changing existing IBM® Traveler server settings

You can change existing IBM® Traveler server settings on IBM® i, such as the Host IP address or ports using the command CHGNTSDOM.

This command can be used when setting up multiple IBM® Traveler servers on one IBM® i system, or when setting up the IBM® Traveler High Availability environment on IBM® i.

To change existing server settings, perform the following procedure:
  1. Stop the IBM® Traveler server.
  2. On any IBM® i command line, type the command CHGNTSDOM and press F4.
  3. On the Change Traveler on Domino® display, specify the new values for the settings you want to change and press Enter. The following settings can be changed:
    • External access URL
    • Traveler deployment mode

      If *HA is selected, the IBM i DB2 server field must also be populated with Server address, User profile and User password settings.

    • Traveler HOST IP address
    • Traveler server port
    • Traveler servlet port
    • Traveler push port
    • HTTP active threads
  4. Start the IBM® i Traveler Server.