Installing multiple instances of IBM® Traveler on Linux® or AIX®

You can install multiple instances of the IBM® Traveler server on Linux® or AIX® operating systems.

Requirements for multiple instance installation include:
  • IBM® Traveler must be installed on a pre-existing Domino® instance.
  • Multiple instances of IBM® Traveler must use different network addresses or different ports on the same address. See Configuring ports for a partition for more information.
  • Use the following silent install steps for installing multiple IBM® Traveler instances. The UI installer cannot handle a multi-instance install.
  • For information on IBM® Traveler system requirements, see the system requirements index and select the link for your IBM® Traveler version.

  • Prior to installing, read the documentation on planning, installation and configuration.
To install multiple instances of IBM® Traveler on Linux® or AIX®, perform the following procedure:
  1. 1.Extract the install package tar file to a temporary location:
    tar -xf Traveler_10.0.tar
  2. Open the file and modify these parameters:
    • DOMINO_PROGRAM_DIRECTORY - Domino® program directory for this instance. For example:
    • DOMINO_DATA_DIRECTORY_1 - Domino® data directory for this instance. For example: DOMINO_DATA_DIRECTORY_1=/local/notesdata
    • DOMINO_NOTESINI_DIRECTORY_1 - Directory containing the notes.ini file for this instance. For example:
    • MULTI_INSTANCE_INSTALL=true - This indicates to the installer that this will be a multi-instance install.
    • NTS_INSTALL_INSTANCE - Use this parameter when upgrading an existing instance. It is not needed for installing a new instance. Set this value to equal the value in the notes.ini file for this instance. The server should correctly detect this value, but setting it will guarantee the correct instance is upgraded. For example:

    For a description of other settings, see Installing in silent mode on Linux or AIX operating systems.

  3. Stop the Domino® server for the instance being installed.
  4. Run the IBM® Traveler silent install.
  5. If any fatal errors occur they will be logged to ./InstallerError.log. Otherwise, the install log file can be found at data/IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT/traveler/logs/TravelerInstall.log.
  6. Start the Domino® server.