BlackBerry 10 limitations and restrictions

This topic describes known BlackBerry device restrictions and limitations with IBM® Traveler.

BlackBerry Platform

Table 1. BlackBerry platform issues
Problem Details

Account becomes invalid after policy change.

By design, BlackBerry 10 devices not connected to a BES 10 server require the user to accept policy changes made by the IBM Traveler Administrator within 30 seconds. Otherwise, the account is marked invalid and the user's data is removed.

Some fields are missing from corporate lookup.

The IBM Traveler server returns the following ActiveSync Global Address List (GAL) fields in a corporate lookup response:
  • DisplayName
  • Phone
  • Title
  • Company
  • Alias
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • HomePhone
  • MobilePhone
  • EmailAddress

BlackBerry 10 devices will not display all of these settings, such as Alias and HomePhone. Please see BlackBerry knowledge article KB37082.


Table 2. Mail issues
Problem Details

When multiple accounts are configured on the device, a corporate directory lookup may contact the wrong server.  

By BlackBerry 10 design. Only occurs when the user is not connected to IBM Traveler using BES 10.

Mail deleted from the device may take several minutes to push to the server.

By BlackBerry 10 design. Assists with improving battery life.

Any changes to draft mail on the device is overwritten by changes from the server.

Draft mail which syncs to the device from the server can be edited and sent on the device. However, if changes to a draft mail message are made on the device, and the mail is not sent, during the next sync, the server will overwrite any device side changes to the mail.

No syncing of the Trash folder.

Not supported prior to BlackBerry 10.3.1 and IBM Traveler

No Domino encrypted mail support.

Support for Domino encrypted mail on BlackBerry 10 devices requires:
  • BlackBerry 10.2 or higher
  • IBM Traveler Server IF1 or higher
  • BES 10.0 or higher

See How do I process encrypted mail on a BlackBerry device? for more information.

Reply and Forward marks do not sync from device to server.

For performance reasons, IBM Traveler relies on the device to set these flags when the user responds from the device.

Draft mail messages synced from a Notes client appear in plain text only.

IBM Traveler only supports plain text messages when syncing the Drafts folder for BlackBerry 10. If the draft was created using a Notes or iNotes client using rich text attributes, such as unique fonts or color, these attributes will not be preserved when it syncs to the device. This also applies to attachments or inline images that have been added to the draft. These rich text elements will not sync to the BlackBerry 10 device.

Cannot create subfolders under Inbox and Sent folders.

Domino does not support the creation of subfolders under specialized folders, such as Inbox, Drafts, Trash, and Sent. BlackBerry 10 devices allow the creation of subfolders under both the Inbox and the Sent folder. Subfolders under the Inbox and Sent folders on the device will be created at the same level as the parent folder when viewed with a Notes client.

Preventing the copying and forwarding mail is not supported.

Domino allows users to select Prevent copying as a Delivery Option before sending mail. However, BlackBerry 10 devices currently do not support this functionality. When mail tagged with Prevent copying is viewed on a BlackBerry 10 device, the body of the mail will be removed and replaced with the following text: This document is set to prohibit copying and duplicating. The content has been removed. Please user an IBM Notes or iNotes client to access the content.

Mail cannot be signed from a BlackBerry 10 device.

Signed mail may be viewed from a BlackBerry 10 device with OS version 10.2 or later. BlackBerry 10 devices do not support the signing of mail from the device.

Files with a zero byte length are removed from mail messages.

Files attached to mail with a length of zero bytes will be removed by the IBM Traveler server.

Mail with a Domino Group contact cannot be forwarded or replied to.

Domino supports the creation of a Group contact and the ability to send mail to this type of contact. A BlackBerry 10 device can fail to forward or reply to messages using a Domino Group contact as the recipient. Group contacts should be defined in Domino with an Internet Address to prevent encoding issues with the Domino Group contact. If the Domino Group contact does not have an Internet Address defined, then the contact may appear on BlackBerry 10 devices as non-ASCII characters. Sending mail under these circumstances will result in delivery failures.

Mail in Conversation mode does not appear as part of a conversation.

You can select the Display Style for the BlackBerry Hub to display messages either as Single Messages or as a Conversation. However, when the Hub displays messages as a conversation, mail may not appear if there has been more than four replies to the same mail thread.

S/MIME signed and/or encrypted mail cannot be synced or viewed from the device.

IBM Traveler server does not have S/MIME support. For more information, refer to this article.

Mail messages with large attachments cannot be sent from the device.

The IBM Traveler server defaults to allowing mail content to 10MB ( see Server limitations and restrictions) which can be increased manually by the administrator. In some instances, the attachments may also be encoded (BASE64), which will increase the overall size to approximately 1.37 times larger than the original size of the file (not including the header). An attachment which is approximately 7MB when encoded can result in the mail content exceeding the 10MB limit. In addition to the server configuration, BlackBerry 10 devices also have an internal limit of approximately 18MB. Please consult BlackBerry for additional details about the device limitations for specific releases.

Full messages are downloaded when Headers Only is selected.

For applications utilizing the ActiveSync protocol, such as the BlackBerry 10 mail application, full messages will always be downloaded rather than just the headers. This is currently a limitation of the IBM Traveler server.

Encrypted mail with large attachments are slow to open.

BlackBerry 10 devices always download attachments with Domino encrypted mail (NNE) rather than allowing the user to download the attachment at a later time. As a result, the mail will not open until the complete attachment is downloaded. This can impact the user's mobile data usage significantly.


Table 3. Calendar issues
Problem Details

Cannot add or delete attendees in a recurring meeting from the device.


Meeting reminder alerts may display even if the Reminder field is set to No Reminder.

By BlackBerry 10 design. A reminder always displays one minute before a meeting that contains conference call information and a Join Now button, allowing the user to immediately join the meeting with one touch.

The Don't Notify option is ignored. When accepting or declining a meeting invite on a BlackBerry device, the user is allowed to select whether or not to notify the chair of their response. IBM Traveler will always send a notification, even when the user selects Don't Notify.

The delegation and forwarding of calendar invites is not supported.

Domino supports the delegation of meeting invites using a Notes client, but this functionality has not been implemented in IBM Traveler. Domino also does not support the forwarding of invitations as a way to further delegate invites to others users. While BlackBerry 10 devices do allow the user to forward invites, the chair will not be updated with the status of the invitee who received the forwarded invitation.

A user's Tentative status displays as Free.

Domino supports Busy and Free as valid values for the user's availability. Prior to BlackBerry OS version 10.2.1, BlackBerry 10 devices allowed the user to select an additional value of Tentative. This value is not supported by Domino. For more information, see this article.

Duplicate Calendar entries exist on BlackBerry 10 devices.

Prior to BlackBerry OS version 10.2.1, creating an exception to a recurring event that has been rescheduled creates a duplicate entry on BlackBerry 10 devices. For more information, see this article.

End of line characters removed from notes in meeting invites.

For BlackBerry 10 devices running OS version 10.2.1, meeting invites created on the device will have the end of line characters removed from the notes. For more information, refer to this article.


Table 4. Contacts
Problem Details

Website URLs are not stored correctly.

Only one website URL is supported by the ActiveSync specification. The IBM Traveler server utilizes the Business Website URL from a Domino Contact entry. BlackBerry 10 devices allow the user to create multiple Website URLs for each contact entry. As a result, this can lead to issues for properly storing the Website URL.

Creation of Local Group contacts is not supported.

BlackBerry 10 devices do not support the creation or syncing of Local Group contacts.

Custom contact databases are not supported.

While older Blackberry devices supported the ability to specify a custom contacts database, the BlackBerry 10 devices do not currently support this capability.

To Do's

Table 5. To Do's
Problem Details
Unable to sync To Do's on the device. To Do syncing is not supported with IBM Traveler and BlackBerry 10 devices running OS versions prior to 10.2.1. Accounts created on the device prior to the 10.2.1 upgrade will need to be deleted and re-created as IBM Traveler accounts. For more information, refer to What should I know about deleting and re-creating BlackBerry accounts?.
Categories (or Lists) for To Do's are not supported. This feature is not supported by BlackBerry 10 devices.
Attachments unavailable with To Do's. While you can see a To Do may have an associated attachment, you will not be able to download it to your device. In addition, you cannot attach files to a To Do.
Cannot create repeating To Do's. While you can view repeating To Do's and edit instances of them, you cannot create a repeating To Do from a BlackBerry 10 device.
No Rich text support. Rich Text is not supported for To Do's on a BlackBerry 10 device. Any updates made on the device to a To Do entry will convert the Rich Text to plain text when synced back to the Traveler server.
The year for To Do's is set to 1931. To Do's created on the device will have a year with 1931 when viewed from the server. This issue occurs when the time zone of the device is changed. For more information, refer to this knowledge article.
The alarm time is not relative to 12pm on the due date. When the alarm time is set on the device, the synced To Do on the server shows a reminder relative to 8am on the due date. For more information, refer to this knowledge article.

Out of office

Table 6. Out of office issues
Problem Details

Cannot set the out of office end date.

For versions earlier than Blackberry 10.3.1 and IBM Traveler, the out of office end date cannot be set on a BlackBerry 10 device. As a result, IBM Traveler automatically sets the end date to a date far into the future (12/31/2050 12:00:00 AM GMT) to allow for indefinite out of office time. This date may appear in the body of the reply mail if the Traveler server version is below IBM Traveler, and in the subject of the mail server version is below Domino 9.0.

Out of Office automatic replies will not enable. On BlackBerry 10 devices earlier than version 10.2.1, Out of Office Reply does not enable on the mail server or send replies when the Out of Office Reply text field is empty. For more information, see this knowledge article.