Creating To Do's on an Android device

You can create To Do's with your mobile device.


  1. Open the To Do's application.
  2. Press the Create a new To Do icon New To Do on the action bar menu.
  3. Enter a title for the To Do.
  4. Select the due date and the start date.
  5. Select the priority for the To Do:
    • Low priority
    • Medium priority
    • High priority
  6. Select the list to which this To Do belongs.
  7. Select if this To Do should repeat, and, if so, the repeat options.
  8. Enter a description for the To Do.
  9. Select attachments to add to the To Do, if necessary.
  10. Select a date and time for the alarm. The due date must be set for the alarm to be activated.
  11. Set whether or not the To Do is private, meaning that other users who have the permission to access your mail file will not be able to view the To Do.

What to do next

You can also quickly create a To Do by navigating to the desired list (for example, Due Today or Priority). From any list, enter a name for the To Do in the quick To Do entry field and press Done on the keyboard (or the + icon next to the field). The other fields in these quickly created To Do's will take default values.