Troubleshooting a Sametime TURN Server

If your Sametime® deployment experiences problems with NAT traversal, begin by troubleshooting the Sametime TURN Server.

About this task

Attention: Diagnostics should only be enabled only when you are advised to do so by IBM® Technical Support. IBM Technical Support will determine whether extended diagnostics are required.


  1. On the TURN Server, navigate to the directory where the TURN Server files were installed (for example, C:\TURN).
  2. Open the file for editing.
  3. Change the following settings as shown:
    Trace levels are:
    • FINE: Information logs as well as severe messages
    • FINER: Information logs and all messages
    • FINEST: ALL logs
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Stop the TURN Server by pressing Ctrl + C.
  6. Restart the TURN Server by running the batch file again.

What to do next

If you cannot isolate a problem on the TURN Server, you may need to troubleshoot other Sametime components that are involved in NAT traversal:
  • Sametime Connect Client
  • Sametime web audio-visual plugin
  • Sametime Proxy Server
  • Sametime Media Manager - SIP Proxy/Registrar component