The file

The file contains settings used to register a Sametime® server with the Sametime System Console. This file is used with both IBM® WebSphere-based servers and Domino-based servers.

Sample settings for registering a Sametime server with the Sametime System Console:

#Specify the fully qualified host name for Sametime System Console

#SSC WAS credentials

#Specify true if you want to connect to Sametime System Console server using Secure
      Connection, else false.

#Specify the HTTP port to Connect, can be found in <WAS_installRoot>/profiles/
      <profileName>/logs AboutThisProfile.txt.SSCHTTPPort=9080

#Specify the Secure Https port to Connect, can be found in <WAS_installRoot>/profiles/
      <profileName>/logs AboutThisProfile.txt.

#The log level for the Sametime System Console Client logs
# INFO - Information logs
# FINE - Information logs as well as severe messages
# FINEST - ALL logs (recommended)