Connecting to the DB2 database created with a user instance instead of an administrator account

Enable the Sametime® System Console to connect to a DB2® database that was created with a DB2 user instance instead of the DB2 administrator account.

About this task

The DB2 database used by the Sametime System Console should be created with a DB2 administrator account to ensure that the System Console has proper access to data. If the database is created with a DB2 user account, the following error might appear when you attempt to access the database from the System Console: AIDSC1352E: Unable to access the Sametime System Console database. You can correct this problem by enabling access to DB2 data sources.


  1. From the Sametime System Console, click Resources > JDBC > Data Sources.
  2. Select each resource that is available, and then click Test Connection. If the connections are working correctly, select each data source, for example, sscScheduler and the click the link JAAS - J2C authentication data.
  3. On the Data Resources page, click on the resource and change the database alias in the Alias field to instance user.
  4. Repeat for all relevant data sources.
  5. Restart the node agent and Application server for the Sametime System Console.
  6. Log in to the Sametime System Console again.