Registering a Community Server

If automatic registration fails after installing from a deployment plan, you can manually register an IBM® Sametime® Community server with the Sametime System Console.

Before you begin

The Sametime System Console must be started.

About this task

During this task you will edit the following files; click the topic titles to see details on each file. You may want to open each topic in a new browser tab or window so you can keep it open for reference:


  1. Back up the and files:
    1. Navigate to the Community Server's Sametime console directory:
      • AIX® or Linux™: The console directory is in the Community Server data directory; for example: /opt/IBM/domino85/notesdata/console
      • Windows™: The console directory is in the Domino® directory; for example: C:\Lotus\Domino\console
    2. Make back-up copies (using different names) of the and files.
  2. Update the following values in the file and save the file.
    Table 1. settings
    Property Value
    SSCHostName Provide the fully qualified host name of the Sametime System Console server.
    SSCHTTPPort Specify the HTTP port used for the Sametime System Console server if SSL is not enabled and the value for SSCSSLEnabled is "false."

    To determine the correct HTTP port, open the AboutThisProfile.txt file for the Sametime System Console Application Server Profile and use the setting specified for the "HTTP transport port." The default profile name is STSCAppProfile.

    For example, on Windows the file is stored at: C:/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppServerProfile/logs/AboutThisProfile.txt

    SSCUserName Enter the IBM WebSphere® Application Server User ID that you created when you installed Sametime System Console. The default is wasadmin.
    SSCPassword Enter the WebSphere Application Server password associated with the SSCUserName.
    SSCSSLEnabled Change this value to "true" to connect to the Sametime System Console using a secure connection.
    SSCHTTPSPort Specify the HTTPS port used by the Sametime System Console server if SSCSSLEnabled is set to "true."
  3. Verify that the settings in the file are correct, modifying them as needed before saving and closing the file.

    Only the required values in this file are listed here:

    Table 2. settings
    Property Value
    DepName Provide a descriptive name for your deployment. It must be a unique deployment name on the Sametime System Console.
    NodeHostName Provide the fully qualified host name for the Community Server that is being registered.
  4. Start the Sametime Community Server.
  5. Now register the server:
    1. Run the registerSTServerNode registration utility from the /console directory.
      • AIX or Linux:
      • Windows: registerSTServerNode.bat

    The utility registers the server, generating a log file called ConsoleUtility.log and storing it in the console/logs directory. If the registration is successful, a file will be added.