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The Web Chat Client Guide contains information for accessing and using the HCL Sametime Web Chat client.
What's new
HCL Sametime and HCL Sametime Premium 12.0.1 provides many new features, enhancements and fixes to servers and clients. Additional releases to version 12.0.1 also provides updates to the product.
System requirements
The system requirements knowledge articles contains the latest system requirements information.
Keyboard shortcuts and other accessibility features
Accessibility features help users who have a disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use information technology products successfully. HCL® strives to provide products with usable access for everyone regardless of age or ability.
About HCL Sametime
You can find information about the installed HCL Sametime product on the About window.
Logging in and out
The administrator for your organization provides you with an URL to access Sametime Web Chat. Use your log-in credentials to gain access to chat.
Using the home page
How do I
After you log in, you can exchange text chats with your chat partners and more.
If you are using HCL Sametime Premium, you can create, start, and participate in Sametime meetings.
Chat task reference
This reference describes how to perform common Chat tasks.