Testing Sametime chat and meeting clients

This article assumes that you have successfully installed and configured Sametime or Sametime Premium.

About this task

Before going live, it is important to test the following services to ensure that Sametime is working as expected.


  1. Verify if the Sametime web client chat is running. Using a web browser, go to the URL:

    The yourserver.domain variable is the name of your Sametime server and the domain name.

  2. Verify if the Sametime server is running. Using a web browser, go to the following URL:
  3. Verify if the Sametime Connect client and Sametime embedded client (in HCL Notes) are running.
    1. Add a Sametime Server Community under Preferences specifying the Host server and Server community port.
      The default Server community port value is 1533.
    2. Enter a username and password on the Log In tab.
    3. Select OK to save the changes.
    4. Log in using the new credentials.