Managing file transfer data

As with meeting recordings and reports, files that are shared in the chat are stored in a Docker volume or a Kubernetes persistent volume. By default, you can download these files within 90 days.

About this task

You can modify the limit by updating the following files.
  • Docker
    • custom.env
  • Kubernetes
    • helm/values.yaml
      Note: The values are case sensitive and must be entered as shown below.
  1. Modify the configuration file. The minimum value is 1.
    1. For Docker environments, update the FILES_EXPIRE_IN_DAYS parameter. For example, FILES_EXPIRE_IN_DAYS=77 to indicate 77 days.
    2. For Kubernetes environments, update the filesExpireInDays parameter. For example, filesExpireInDays: 77 to indicate 77 days.
  2. Restart the Sametime server to apply the changes. For more information, refer to Starting and stopping servers.