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The Android User Guide contains information for accessing and using the HCL Sametime Premium and Sametime on an Android moible device.
New features in HCL Sametime 12 for Android
HCL Sametime® for Android version 12 has new features and enhancements.
Getting started with Sametime for Android
HCL Sametime® enables you to use Sametime awareness and chat features on Mobile devices. This documentation describes how to install and use Sametime on an Android mobile device.
Using Sametime for Android
You can change your availability status, work with contacts, manage settings and chat with other Sametime® users. With Sametime11 you can also have multiple devices logged in simultaneously and have persistent chat history across your devices.
Working with Sametime Meetings
If you are using Sametime Premium, you can create and manage you own meetings by selecting Meetings from the menu. The Meetings screen also shows a list of recent meetings that you have joined as well as an entry field for typing in the name of a meeting you wish to join or start.
Managing Sametime app settings
You can configures settings related to your password, contacts list, chat, audio and video, notifications, and logging.
Getting help and reporting problems
You can access the Android User Guide and contact support from the Help and Support screen.
Gathering information about HCL Sametime
You can find information about the installed HCL Sametime product on the About screen.