Enabling TLS for the Mongo database

You can update the MongoDB connection with the Sametime Community server to encrypt data flowing between the Sametime server and a TLS enabled MongoDB.

Before you begin

You must have a TLS enabled MongoDB server. For details, refer to the topic Configure mongod and mongos for TLS/SSL in the MongoDB documentation.

About this task

During Sametime Meeting installation, the chatlogging.ini file is created to contain MongoDB server connection information. The connection configuration information within the chatlogging.ini file must be modified to include parameters necessary to establish a secure connection.

The Sametime administrator can specify a custom connection URL to the MongoDB server. The CL_MONGO_URL configuration parameter can be set with a MongoDB server URL which includes the required settings for the Sametime server to establish a secure connection to the MongoDB server. After adding the CL_MONGO_URL configuration parameter to the chatlogging.ini file, the default setting is overridden by the settings contained within the URL string.

If a self-signed certificate is being used, the certificate must be added to the Sametime certificate store.


  1. Open the chatlogging.ini file which is in the HCL Notes data directory .
  2. Update or add the CL_MONGO_URL configuration parameter.
    This parameter is used to override existing configuration settings specified during installation. If changes were made post installation, this parameter exists in the file. If no changes have been made, add the parameter.
    The hostname or TCPIP address of the MongoDB server.
    The port to be used for communication.
    The attributes that identify use of a TLS MongoDB. Copy and past the following into the CL_MONGO_URL parameter.
    For example:
  3. Save the file and restart the Sametime Community server to apply the changes.