Proxy server configuration files

This topic describes the primary configuration files on a Sametime Proxy Server. It is beneficial to retain a backup copy of these files once the server configuration is complete.


  • sametimeproxy\setenv.bat (
  • this file contains all configuration parameters that were set at the time of the Sametime Proxy installation.


  • sametimeproxy\conf\stproxyconfig.xml
  • This file contains configuration details for multiple options including
    • Community server configuration
    • Business card configuration
    • Mobile client configuration
    • SAML configuration
    • XML syntax rules apply

  • sametimeproxy\conf\
  • mongoDB configuration details including username and password are stored in this file


  • sametimeproxy\conf\server.xml
  • Use this file to secure the Sametime Proxy Server
  • XML syntax rules apply.