Installing Sametime Connect and Embedded clients on MacOS

This topic covers basic installation for the Sametime standalone client on MacOS.

About this task

Before getting started, it may be beneficial to review some of the client installation customization options. Customizing the client can ease your deployment.

  • Upgrades from version 9 are not supported. Sametime clients at version 9 should be uninstalled prior to installing Sametime 11.
  • In previous releases of Sametime there was an installer for the Sametime embedded client in HCL Notes. This add-on installer is no longer available. Starting in HCL Notes 11, the newest Sametime client at the time of the Notes released is included with HCL Notes. Please refer to the HCL Notes help center for instructions on installing the HCL Notes client.


  1. Extract the client installation package to a temporary location.
  2. Double-click sametime-connect.pkg to initiate the installation.
  3. At the Introduction screen, click Continue.
  4. At the License Agreement screen, review the terms and click Continue.
  5. At the Installation Type screen, you can choose a different location if desired, or accept the defaults. Click Install.
  6. If prompted for the password, enter the credentials used to log into the operating system.
  7. At the Provisioning Result screen, click Continue.
  8. At the Success screen, click Close.