Ensuring all Community Servers have the same settings

About this task

Your Sametime servers should be configured identically so that the user has the same experience regardless of which server they connect to. As a best practice you can configure one server, then copy and paste those settings to the other cluster members:

See this topic for databases to replicate: Enabling scheduled replication.

The stconfig.nsf database should be a unique database on each server but the following documents should be copied from one server to the others:
  • ClusterInformation
  • LDAPServer
  • Examine the CommunityConnectivity settings document and determine if some of the settings should be carried over to the other cluster members. Some of the settings may be unique to each server, so do not copy and paste this document.
Using the OS, copy and paste these documents from the Domino program directory to the other cluster members:
  • Policies.user.xml
  • Policies.server.xml
  • Userinfoconfig.xml
  • Chatlogging.ini

If you have multi-tenancy enabled, the file customizedMultitenancy.ini should be identical among all cluster members.

Open the sametime.ini and check for the following:
  • The [Directory] section contains tuning parameters that should be the same across all servers.
  • The ST_Community_ID should be the same.
  • VPMX_CAPACITY should be the same.
  • All Client Types settings should be the same.
  • All settings in the section [ST_BB_NAMES] should be the same
Note: Some settings are unique in the sametime.ini to the server on which it resides. Do not overwrite sametime.ini with a file from a different server.

Check the security configuration of the server. When your servers are clustered, it is a best practice to use a Subject Alternative Names (SAN) certificate they can share. Each server should be configured with the same level of security so that when a user fails over from one server to another, their experience does not change.

See the Securing Connections topic and sub-topics if you are unfamiliar with these settings.