Copying a cluster document to all Sametime Community Servers

Each Sametime Community Server cluster has a Cluster Information document, which was created on one Sametime server in the cluster. Every server in the Sametime community must have a copy of this Cluster Information document, even if the server is not part of a cluster. The document allows users to share presence and instant messaging capabilities with all other users in the community, regardless of their home server assignment.

About this task

If you have multiple clusters in a single community, there are multiple Cluster Information documents and every server in the community must have a copy of all of them. Creating separate clusters for different locations is more efficient because you avoid replicating databases in real time across a WAN connection.

For example, you could have one cluster for your Dublin office users and another for your Paris office users.

Follow these steps to copy each Cluster Information document to all other Sametime Community Servers in the community.

Note: Do not replicate the Configuration database. The Configuration database contains some fields that cannot be replicated to all Sametime servers in a community.


  1. If necessary, open the Sametime Configuration database (stconfig.nsf) in which you created the Cluster Information document that defines the cluster.
  2. Copy the Cluster Information document: 
    1. Locate "Cluster Information" in the Form Name column of the Configuration database.
    2. In the Cluster Information's Last Modified Date column, right-click on the date that represents the Cluster Information document you want to copy.
    3. Select Copy.
    4. Click File > Close to close the Configuration database.
  3. Paste the Cluster Information document into the Configuration database on each Sametime server in the community:
    1. From the Notes client, click Open> Application > Open an Application.
    2. In the Server field, type the name of another Sametime server in the community.
    3. Click Open.
    4. In the Database list, select the Configuration database (stconfig.nsf).
    5. Click Open.
    6. Click Edit > Paste to paste the Cluster Information document into the Configuration database on this Sametime server. The document name and date will appear in the Last Modified Date column of Form Name section in the Configuration database.
    7. Save and close the Configuration database.
  4. Repeat step 3 for every Sametime server in the Sametime community.
  5. Repeat this set of steps until all Cluster Information documents have been copied to all servers in the community.