Instant messaging policy IDs

Starting in Sametime 11.6, the new Sametime 11.6 Meeting Server policy settings are in the Instant Messaging policy.

These are the instant messaging policy IDs for configuring Sametime Policies.

im.2019.label = User must set this community as the default server community (IC)
im.2011.label = Allow user to add multiple server communities (IC)
im.2001.label = Allow user to add external users using Sametime gateway communities
im.2002.label = Allow user to save chat transcripts (IC)
im.2004.label = Automatically save chat transcripts (IC)

im.1.label = Allow user to transfer files through server (IC)
im.2.label = Maximum individual file transfer size, in Kilobytes, for files sent through the server (IC)
im.3.label = Use exclude file types transfer list, for files sent through the server (IC)
im.4.label = Types to exclude from transfer. Type the three-letter extension of each file type, separated by a comma or semicolon (IC)
im.2005.label = Allow client-to-client file transfer (IC)
im.2006.label = Maximum days to save automatically saved chat transcripts (IC)
im.2008.label = Allow custom emoticons (IC)
im.2009.label = Allow screen capture and images (IC)
im.2010.label = Allow mobile client

im.2012.label = Sametime update site URL (IC)
im.2013.label = Allow user to install plug-ins (IC)
im.2014.label = Limit contact list size
im.2015.label = Contacts

im.2020.label = Set maximum image size for custom emoticons, screen captures, and inline images (IC)
im.2021.label = KB
im.2022.label = Sametime optional plug-in site URLs. Type the URLs separated by a comma or semicolon (IC)
im.3000.label = Allow all Sametime Connect features to be used with integrated clients (IC)
im.allowTransferringMultipleFilesAndFolders.label = Allow transferring multiple files and folders (for Sametime Advanced users only)
im.allowTransferringFilesToNwayParticipants.label = Allow transferring files to participants in an n-way session (for Sametime Advanced users only)
im.maxNumberUsersToReceiveSingleFileInOneFileTransferSession.label = Maximum number of users to receive a single file in one file transfer session
im.enableOrganizationTreeView.label = Enable organization tree view for this user (for Sametime Advanced users only)
im.enableOfflineMessages.label = Allow user to send offline messages (for Sametime Communicate and Sametime Complete users only) = Allow location reporting = Enable offline access = Offline access password minimum length = Offline access password expiry days = Offline access prompt delay = Disable untrusted SSL = Disable URL dialer = Minimum force logout duration = Disable chat history = Disable password save = Allow contact export = Offline access password required

Sametime 11.6 Meeting Server settings:

im.thirdPartyMeetingEnabled = Set to true to enable Sametime 11.6 meetings

im.meetingsEnabled = Set to true to enable Sametime 11.6 meetings