How do I import a Sametime® contact list?

You can import an HCL Sametime® contact list as a way to quickly add a large number of contacts to your existing contact list. Or, you can import a pre-populated contact list, if you don't already have one, or replace your existing contact list with the names you import.


  1. Click > Manage Contacts > Import Contact List
  2. Select one of the following import options:
    1. From server to import a Sametime® contact list from another server community you are logged in to.
    2. From file and search for a file that contains the Sametime® contact list you want to import.
  3. If you are asked about replacing your contact list, select Replace existing contact list with imported list to remove your existing Sametime® contacts list and replace it with the imported one. Clear this option to merge the contents of the two Sametime® contact lists.