How do I export my contact list?

You can export the HCL Sametime® contacts from one or all of your server communities to a file. You might export contacts if you want to save a local copy of your contact list as backup. Or, other users can import the file so that they do not need to create their own list of contacts.


  1. Click > Manage Contacts > Export Contact List
  2. Select one of the following export options, depending on the release of Sametime® you are using:
    1. For Sametime® Release 8.0 or later, click To Multi Server Community File to export all contacts for all your server communities to an .xml file.
    2. For Sametime® releases earlier than Release 8.0, select To Single Server Community File and select the server community whose contacts you want to export.
      This option exports your contacts to a .dat file.