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HCL Sametime Connect and Embedded Client
After you log in to HCL Sametime, you can chat with your chat partners, and so much more.
What are the essentials for getting started?
HCL® Sametime® gives you award-winning and market-leading instant messaging capabilities that help you collaborate and keep pace with your real-time work environment.
How do I show others where I am?
Display your location and contact information in your status card when you are available online. When you do, others see this information when they hover their cursor over your name in the contact list or engage in an online chat with you.
Accessibility features help users who have a disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use information technology products successfully. HCL strives to provide products with usable access for everyone regardless of age or ability.
What are the keyboard shortcuts and other accessibility features?
This product uses standard Microsoft® Windows® navigation keys. The following tables provide additional information about navigating and completing actions in certain parts of the user interface.
You can exchange text chats with one or more chat partners.
How do I display chats from different partners in separate windows?
You can change your settings so that chats from different people display in different windows, instead of displaying as tabs in the same window.
How to customize chat window?
You can customize chat window appearance by changing the bubble style as per your preference.
How do I invite someone to a chat I'm already having?
If you are in a text chat with one chat partner, you can quickly invite someone to join the chat.
How can I show the time and date in text chats?
You can show the time and date of each message you and your chat partner send to each other during a single chat or for all your chats.
Working with the Server Community Manager
The Server Community Manager allows you to create and maintain more than one set of server connection information and login ID and password information for a variety of Connections communities. Typically, the initial connection information is set up by your administrator.
How can I send files to my chat partners?
It is easy to send a file, groups of files, or a folder to a chat partner. You can also send a file to several chat partners simultaneously in a multi-person chat session, if you are using the HCL® Sametime® Connect client.
How do I save chats and view my chat history?
If this feature is available to you, you can automatically save all your text chats, making them available for viewing in your chat history. Your chat history includes chat transcripts, files, and web addresses (URLs or links) sent to and received from your chat partners for all automatically saved chats. Chats that you are prompted to save or chats that you manually save to your computer are not included.
How do I send messages to someone who is not online?
You can send messages to chat partners who are not online or who have a status that is set to Do Not Disturb. Offline messages can be sent from your chat window, and your chat partners can view these messages upon login.
You can add and organize contacts, and change how they display.
How do I display contacts with their full names or short names?
On your contact list, you can display contacts’ full names (names with their server addresses) or short names (names without their server addresses). By default, full names are displayed.
What ways can I display my Primary Contacts and other views?
Use Primary Contacts to build a personalized list of contacts. Click to open the Primary Contacts list view, which can be customized with several different lists and view types.
How do I display contacts with their full names or short names?
On your contact list, you can display contacts’ full names (names with their server addresses) or short names (names without their server addresses). By default, full names are displayed.
How do I import a Sametime® contact list?
You can import an HCL Sametime® contact list as a way to quickly add a large number of contacts to your existing contact list. Or, you can import a pre-populated contact list, if you don't already have one, or replace your existing contact list with the names you import.
How do I export my contact list?
You can export the HCL Sametime® contacts from one or all of your server communities to a file. You might export contacts if you want to save a local copy of your contact list as backup. Or, other users can import the file so that they do not need to create their own list of contacts.
How can I control how others see me in their contact list and who can contact me?
You can create privacy lists to control who sees your status on their contact list when you are online or when your status is "Do Not Disturb." These lists apply to all your server communities. If you have access to external communities, you can set who can chat with you from those communities. See the following topics to learn more about setting your privacy preferences.
Click to meet lets you start a meeting through a Third party conferencing application from the chat conversation. The Launch Meeting and Send Invitation option appears as a button on the chat conversation window. When you click the button, an invitation is sent in the chat window, and the Sametime Meeting URL displays.
How to setup a meeting URL?
When you click the button for the first time, if the meeting URL has not been set, the preference pane for the feature displays.
How to customize click to meet?
When you click the Launch Meeting and Send Invitation button after configuring the meeting URL, an invitation message displays with a hyperlink.
You can add one or more server communities to your client so that you can communicate with members of those server communities.
What is a server community?
A server community is a group of people belonging to the same directory or user registry, such as your corporate directory, or external server communities outside of your organization. Your administrator determines which server communities are available to you.
How do I connect to more than one server community?
You connect to a server community by adding it to your client and logging in to it. When you add a server community, an icon such as shows for that server community in the expandable area in your status card. This icon indicates whether you are logged in to the server community and your availability status. For example, "I am Available," is the status as shown in the preceding server community icon.
How do I chat with people who are members of a public instant messaging network?
If your system administrator connects one of your server communities to any public instant messaging networks, you can chat with members of those networks.
Read the following topics to learn more about other things you can do to get the most out of your messaging experience.
How do I take a snapshot of what is displayed on my screen?
You can take a snapshot or screen capture of all or part of your screen and send it to your chat partners. You can also add lines or shapes to your screen capture to annotate it before you send it.
How do I automatically change my status whenever I have a meeting scheduled?
If you have this feature, you can simplify your life by having your status automatically change to "In a Meeting" whenever you are in a meeting that is scheduled in your HCL Notes® or Microsoft™ Outlook calendars.
How do I customize the notifications I get for different events?
You can choose how to be alerted for a variety of events. For example, you can be alerted by a sound when you receive an invitation or by bringing the chat window to the front of your screen when someone starts a new chat with you.
Using the main screen
The main screen gives you access to all of HCL Connections Chat functionality.
How do I work with live text?
If you have the live text feature, then telephone numbers, people's names, and any other recognized "content types" that display in chat windows and chat history are underlined and "live," just like a link on a web page. Clicking the underline displays a list of options to carry out on that phone number or contact name.
How do I set preferences for live text?
If live text is available to you, you can turn it off or on and, if it is on, set the preferences for which items, or "content types," available to you are recognized as live text and how they appear.
Common problems can hinder your messaging experience.
Why are some icons in the user interface disabled?
You might notice that some icons in the user interface, for example, some of those in the action bar at the beginning of your contact list or in the chat window, are disabled and you cannot click them.
How do I sort and filter my contact list?
By default, your contact list displays contacts and groups in alphabetical order. You can choose to manually organize your contact list and even filter your list by contacts from specific server communities and online contacts only.
What does the contact list conflict message mean?
Your contact list is stored both on your community server and on your workstation. If you use Sametime on more than one computer, you might see a contact list conflict message. The message displays when your contact list on one of these computers gets out-of-synch with the version on the server.