Tuning multiple Connections in Sametime LDAP

You can edit advanced configuration settings to increase the number of Connections per Sametime® module.

About this task

The ST_DB_LDAP_CONNECTIONS_NUMBER setting increases the number of concurrent connections from the IBM® Sametime Community Server to the LDAP server(s) specified in the StConfig.nsf per Sametime module. The default setting is set to one connection per module except for StAuthentication.dll, which has two connections.

Before increasing the value to greater than one consider the following points:
  • Assume that ST_DB_LDAP_CONNECTIONS_NUMBER=3. Note that a value of 3 means that the Sametime Community Server creates 3*N connections to the LDAP server, where N stands for the number of Sametime components that have an open connection to LDAP. In addition, meeting and Domino® components are connected to LDAP so the overall number of Connections is greater than 3*N.
  • This setting should only be modified if requests are taking an exceptionally long time to process due to long processing queues and there are plenty of resources available on the Sametime Community Server and the LDAP server. Increasing the value of this setting increases the number of LDAP threads available to service the request and multiplies the resource requirements for each one of the Sametime LDAP modules.