Turning on full-text indexing in the Meeting Room Center

By default, the Meeting Room Center searches the Meeting Room Center database for rooms without using an index. If the database becomes too big, your deployment might experience performance degradation during searches. You can enable full-text indexing on the room name and owner name fields for enhanced performance on large datasets.

About this task

Full-text indexing takes advantage of the IBM® DB2® Text Search service to build, maintain, and search by an enhanced set of indexes on the meeting room name and owner name. This augments search performance.

Full-text indexing is only used when you explicitly search for listed meeting rooms from the meeting room search box. It is not used when you search for hidden rooms, access My Meeting Rooms or access a Selected Contact's Meeting Rooms. Full-text indexes are created for both the room name and owner name.

Full-text indexes are updated every 12 hours. Rooms created in the past 24 hours cannot be found by their full-text index, but can be found by a limited table scan. This action avoids missing a room because the index has not been created, yet. Once a room has been live for more than 24 hours, full-text indexing is available.

Follow these steps to enable full-text indexing:


  1. Copy enableFullTextIndexing.bat (Windows™) or enableFullTextIndexing.sh (Linux™, Unix) from the root directory of the Sametime® Meeting Server install image to the DB2 bin directory.

    If you have an extremely large database, this script can be edited to customize the location of the index files.

  2. Run the command to start the DB2 Text Search service, which sets up the full-text indexes and enables the database for full-text searches.
    • Windows

      enableFullTextIndexing.bat STMS dbadmin password

    • AIX® or Linux

      enableFullTextIndexing.sh STMS dbadmin password

    Replace STMS with the name of the Meeting Server database if you chose a different database name when you created it.

    Replace dbadmin and password with the DB2 Application user ID and password you created when you installed DB2.

  3. Follow these instructions to turn on full-text indexing for the Meeting Room Center in the Sametime System Console.
    1. Log in to the Integrated Solutions Console.
    2. Click Sametime System Console > Sametime Servers > Sametime Meeting Servers.
    3. In the Meeting Servers list, click a server with the configuration that you want to change.
    4. Select Server Configuration.
    5. Click Edit.
    6. Change the value of meetingroomcenter.useFullTextIndexing to true.
      This setting is a custom key. If a search has been previously performed on the server, then the key and the value display in the interface.
    7. Click OK. The changes take effect within one minute.

What to do next

If you restart the server, the service does not restart automatically.

On Windows, you can go into Services and change the DB2TS service to start automatically. From the Start menu, click Run, and type services.msc, and change the DB2TS services to start automatically.

On Linux, you can edit one of the startup scripts to start db2ts when you restart. The command to start db2ts is db2ts start for text.

For more information on DB2 maintenance, see Best Practices for DB2 maintenance in Sametime.