Directory server

Directory servers allow the SafeLinx Server to use databases from existing user accounts.

A directory server is a resource that lets the SafeLinx Server use existing user account databases and provides the definition of how to contact another directory server service (DSS). If the existing database supports a lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) client access, then the SafeLinx Server can load, use, and modify specific attributes that are stored with existing user records on local and remote directory servers.

A directory server resource is also assigned to LDAP-bind authentication profiles to specify which servers are used to perform the LDAP-bind operation to authenticate clients.

To redirect directory service lookups for specific user ID attributes, add a directory server resource, then edit the user ID properties to define which attributes are associated with the directory service.

To add a directory server, right-click the OU where you want the directory server that is created, then click Add Resource > Directory server. Identify the IP address or host name and port number of the remote directory service server where the principal user account resides. If you want to allow the SafeLinx Server to modify the attributes of the principal user account, then provide the administrator's distinguished name and password of the remote directory service.