SafeLinx Server

The SafeLinx Server helps you connect mobile computing devices to your company's private intranet and the internet securely.

A SafeLinx Server uses standards-based protocols to connect over a wide variety of networks, both wireline and wireless, efficiently and easily.

A SafeLinx Server can be configured:
To use mobile access services
Integrates access for all supported wireless and wireline networks within a single resource to provide the secure IP tunnel to SafeLinx Clients.
To use messaging services
Enables a web application server to send messages from a wired network to a client in a wireless network. Messaging services support several types of message modes: short message service (SMS), short message delivery over proprietary networks, and simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP). Examples of message operations might be new, stock quotes, weather, broadcast messages, and notification of events such as email arrival. You can configure only one messaging service per SafeLinx Server.
Note: Messaging services are not supported on Windows.
To use HTTP access services
Provides an optimized and secure tunnel for HTTP communication to any HTTP Version 1.1. client. The connection between HTTP access services and an HTTP client is secured by using secure sockets layer (SSL). The connection between the HTTP proxy server and the HTTP access services is optionally secured by using SSL.
Some administrator responsibilities are:
  • Startup/shutdown
  • Reset log files
  • Viewing log files