Logging in and getting started with Nomad for web browsers

After you've configured a SafeLinx server for Nomad, this procedure shows you how to log in and begin using Nomad for web browsers.

Before you begin

Complete the procedure Configuring the SafeLinx server for Nomad

About this task

If you encounter a problem logging in to Nomad, see the topic Troubleshooting in the Nomad documentation for steps to take to resolve the issue.


  1. Go to the Nomad server URL from a browser, for example https://sldomino.mycompany.com/nomad/index.html.
    Note: If you use a self-signed certificate (not recommended for production environments), Chrome fails to load Nomad for web browsers when the default Chrome security policy is used. Firefox 89 or higher can be used instead, in this case.
  2. When the HCL Nomad login window is shown, log in to SafeLinx by entering the name and password of a Domino user.
    Nomad starts up and then begins downloading required browser files:
  3. After the files are downloaded, enter the Notes ID password at the prompt and then click OK:
    Nomad validates ECL settings and then opens to the Recent Applications page:
  4. To open an application, click Open or Open Application:
  5. Select a Domino server with the application:
  6. Select the application and click Open:
    The application opens:
  7. When you click Home, the application now shows in Recent Applications: