Integration with mobile device management (MDM) systems

With HCL SafeLinx, you can integrate an MDM system with authentication profiles that support HTTP access services. Through the integration, you can enable secondary authentication for mobile devices through an MDM server. The SafeLinx gateway prevents devices that do not comply with MDM policies from connecting to internal resources. SafeLinx currently supports integration with IBM MaaS360.

If you use an MDM system, you can integrate it with SafeLinx to establish a secondary method of authentication. After a mobile device authenticates through the primary method, for example, through the LDAP directory, device information is checked against the MDM service. Devices that are not registered with the MDM or that do not comply with its policies are not allowed to access the network. Devices that are in compliance are allowed access to application services.

You configure integration by setting up an MDM profile and then adding the MDM profile to an authentication profile. Each MDM profile defines the criteria that the SafeLinx Server enforces during device authentication.

MaaS360 MDM profiles support the following mobile applications only: HCL Connections, HCL Sametime, and HCL Traveler. A MaaS360 MDM-enabled authentication profile rejects authentication requests from any other application.