Specifying path prefixes to identify Traveler requests

You can configure SafeLinx to recognize one or more path prefixes that are associated with HCL Traveler servers.

About this task

When an HTTP access service receives a request that includes a specific path prefix, the request is routed to a Traveler server automatically. You can specify custom prefixes, or use the following default path prefixes, which are typical of requests that are sent by Traveler clients:

  • /servlet/traveler
  • /traveler
  • /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync

To enable automatic routing of requests that contain specific URL path prefixes to a Traveler server, complete the following procedure.


  1. From SafeLinx Administrator, right-click the HTTP access service that you want to configure and click Properties to open the properties pages for the service.
  2. Open the HCL SafeLinx page.
  3. Select Enable Traveler integration if it is not already enabled.
  4. In the field Path prefixes, review the default entries and modify them, or add other path prefixes, according to the configuration of the Traveler server.
  5. Click OK to save your changes.