Wireless password policy

A password policy is a template that controls a user's password creation and usage. A password policy specifies:
  • Rules for composing a password, such as length and types of characters
  • The length of time before a password expires and must be changed
  • The number of incorrect password attempts before the user account is locked

Two default policies come with the SafeLinx Administrator: one contains no restrictions for passwords and the other contains a recommended set of restrictions. Administrators can alter the default policies or create other policies, one for each set of password requirements.

To add a password policy, from the Resources pane, right-click the OU in which you want to add the policy, then click Add Resource > Wireless password policy.

To view or modify the default policies, click Default Resources to expand the folder, and then double-click Wireless password policy. From the list of password policies, select the one you want to view or modify, then click Properties.