Starting user tracing

User tracing allows you to debug a problem with a user account.

To start tracing to debug a problem with a particular user ID, open the user's properties and then select the Start trace check box on the Account tab.

You can locate a user in SafeLinx Administrator, from the Tasks pane or from the Resources pane. From the Tasks pane, double-click Find a Resource and then specify the user to find. If you start from the Resources pane, right-click the Users icon in the OU in which you want to search, and then click Open.

To display a user's properties, either use the Find a Resource dialog box on the Tasks tab, or right-click the appropriate Users icon on the Resources tab, and select Open.

Now, right-click the user's name in the table, and click Properties.

Trace data for each user account that is enabled for tracing is sent to the trace file named in the SafeLinx Server Logging tab. The default file name is wg.trace

On Linux, this file is in /var/adm/

On Windows, this file is in the installation directory under logs\