Importing configuration files

You can import configuration files as directed by an administrator to set or change SafeLinx Client configuration options.

There are several ways you can move files to or retrieve files from Android devices.

To import a configuration file:
  1. Transfer the file onto the device and place the platform-independent .pdb file onto the /sdcard folder or in a subdirectory of the /sdcard.
  2. In the SafeLinx Client, choose Tools > Import Configuration. The Mobility Client will automatically search the /sdcard and all of its subdirectories that you want to import and will offer you a list of all the .pdb files found.
  3. Select the configuration file that you want to import and the client will import your configuration data.
Note: If you have already have a connection of the same name as a connection in the configuration file, the import will fail and an error will display. It will not merge connections.

The accounts in the import file are all added to the device.