Configuring for SQL local storage on Windows

On Windows 64-bit, you can configure SafeLinx Server to use Microsoft SQL Express as a local database.

Before you begin

To use local database storage for Windows 64-bit, it is best to install Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express, which is freely available from the Microsoft download website.

Microsoft SQL Server Express can be installed before or after you install SafeLinx Server, but SQL Server Express must be installed before you run the SafeLinx Server Database Configuration Wizard.


  1. Create a Windows user for SQL administration (for example "sqladmin") and add this user to the Windows Administrators group. SafeLinx Server runs as this user to access the SQL database.
  2. Install SQL Server Express with the default options and add the "sqladmin" user to the SQL admin list. The quick installation command for SQL Server 2014 Express to add the current user and the "sqladmin" user as SQL administrators according to the following example.
    Note: This example was formatted to fit the page; you must enter the command on a single line.
  3. If SafeLinx Server is not already installed, install it.
  4. Run the SafeLinx Server Database Configuration Wizard, located in the HCL SafeLinx application group under Windows All Programs.
  5. Select MS SQL Server as the database type and then click the Next button.
  6. Enter the server name as localhost\SQLEXPRESS specifying Windows Authentication for authentication, and sqladmin from step 1 as the user name. Enter the password for sqladmin, leave the Failover partner field blank, and then click Next.
  7. Use wgdata, the default, for the configuration database and wgacct, the default, for the accounting database. Click Next to complete the configuration.
  8. Click Done and continue with the SafeLinx Server setup as outlined in the SafeLinx Administrator guide.