Navigating the SafeLinx Administrator interface

When you double-click some resources in the Tasks pane, a resulting list of that resource type displays in the Resources pane. For example, when you double-click User in the Tasks pane, a list of users displays in the Resources pane.


  • When you see a list of resources in the Resources pane, you can run actions on any of the resources in the list.
  • Each action opens a new window and places it in front of the existing windows. You can arrange the windows in the Resources pane and bring a window to the front by using the Window menu.
  • Right-click a resource to display a menu with actions appropriate to that resource. For a SafeLinx Server resource, you can reset log files, start, or shutdown the SafeLinx Server, and add resources such as mobile access services, messaging services, MNC.
  • For another example, from the menu for a user ID resource, you can run actions such as lock, reset failed login count, or reset password. When resources are listed in the Resources pane, some of these options also display at the end as buttons.