Editing resource properties

The Properties window is a tool through which the user can view and modify the characteristics of a resource. Properties is an option which shows on the menu for every type of resource.


  • To display the Properties window for a resource, right-click the resource in a list and select Properties. You can change the values you entered when you created the resource. In some cases, you can enter values that are not required when you create a resource.
  • Properties windows use tabs to group resource parameters. The first tab usually shows the most general parameters, including those parameters that identify the resource.
  • Use the Refresh button in the Tasks pane to refresh the view of the Tasks pane. Use the Refresh button in the Resources pane to refresh only the view of the Resources pane.
    If you have multiple SafeLinx Server objects defined in a common data store, you can see and access all SafeLinx Servers in the Tasks pane. If you attempt to edit SafeLinx Servers or their subordinate resources other than those resources for the one you are logged on to, some of their attributes might be displayed incorrectly. This problem occurs only if the attributes run on a different operating system than the access manager you are logged on to. For this reason, do not modify the properties of cross-platform resources.