Customizing the SafeLinx Administrator connection to the SafeLinx Server

After you've added a SafeLinx server, you can customize the settings related to connections from the SafeLinx Administrator to the SafeLinx Server.


From the SafeLinx Administrator, right-click on the SafeLinx server and click Properties. In the Gateway tab, configure any of the following options:
Enable dynamic configuration services Allows the SafeLinx Administrator to send notifications and requests to the SafeLinx Server while it's running. Allows you to change the configuration on a running server without restarting it.

Default: Enabled

Dynamic configuration RPC listen port Port used to listen for requests from a SafeLinx Server.

Default: 9551

Bind RPC services to a specific address A specific IP address or addresses on a SafeLinx to use for listening for requests. Use this setting to specify a loopback or internal-facing IP address or to restrict access to a specific set of IP addresses.

Default: None

Hosts with administrative access: Restricts the remote hosts that are allowed to issue RPC calls to the SafeLinx Server. Use comma (,) delimiter.

Default: None

Minimum connections (session db) Minimum number of connections to persist for performance benefits.

Default: 5

Maximum connections (session db) Maximum simultaneous connections allowed. If the maximum is reached, new connection requests wait until a connection thread becomes available.

Default: 20

System monitor interval How often (in seconds) the SafeLinx Administrator monitors the SafeLinx Server to do health checks, monitor idle sessions and updates, and so forth.

Default: 15

Remove users after period of inactivity (days) The number of days that users don't log on to the SafeLinx Server that triggers deletion of their user records from the user database.

Default: 0 (disabled)

Status TCP port TCP/IP port that status subsystems use to listen for connections from the wg_monitor utility.

Default: 9557

Maximum status connections Number of simultaneous connections allowed for the wg_monitor utility.

Default: 10

Current state Whether the SafeLinx server is enabled.