Access control lists and ACL profiles

An access control list (ACL) is a table of access levels for all resource types per organizational unit (OU).

An ACL profile is a collection of ACLs that you assign to administrator IDs to define their level of access to resources. You can create as many ACL profiles as you want, and you can assign one profile to as many administrator IDs as you want.

To view the level of access of the Admin currently logged on to the SafeLinx Administrator, click File > Access Control Lists.

For most resources in an OU, the levels of access available are:
The highest level of access; the administrator can delete and perform all other operations on this resource.
The administrator can view, edit, and add resources of this type.
The administrator can view and edit existing resources of this type.
The administrator can view only resources of this type.
The administrator cannot view resources of this type.

Each access level includes all levels under it. If you assign Create access to a resource in an OU, you also allow Modify and Read-only access to the resource in that OU.

Resources that are not directly assigned to an OU inherit access from the parent resource. For example, a cluster manager inherits access from the SafeLinx Server.

In addition to general levels of access, three resources inherit additional levels of authority when assigned specific access levels in an OU: SafeLinx Server, User, and Broadcast group.