Accounting and billing information stored in a relational database

Accounting and billing information includes session and individual packet data. Packet data is information about individual IP packets or SMS messages. SafeLinx stores session data in an ODBC-compliant relational database.

You can use a structured query language (SQL) reporting tool to audit and sort session data and to generate queries to produce usage reports. For more information about using reporting tools with the session database, see Accounting and billing database schema. You can also configure the SafeLinx Server to send accounting and billing information to RADIUS accounting servers.

The accounting and billing system is dynamically configurable. When you change the configuration options, the SafeLinx Server suspends accounting and billing, processes the change, then resumes automatically. Any error messages are reported to the SafeLinx Server message log file.

The accounting and billing database (wgacct) can be installed separately from the SafeLinx Server. The database can be hosted on any attached host and can store information from more than one SafeLinx Server.

To enable the SafeLinx Server to access the database, you must specify the database location or the remote database server IP address and port number. You must provide the database name and the user ID and password of the database administrator. The default database name is wgacct.The access manager encrypts the administrator password before it stores it with the SafeLinx Server configuration.