SafeLinx Administrator

The SafeLinx Administrator is the application that you use to configure, monitor, and maintain the resources of one or more SafeLinx Servers.

From the SafeLinx Administrator, you can configure SafeLinx Servers, register users and mobile devices, specify logging and tracing controls, and complete many other administrative tasks. The SafeLinx Administrator can be installed on the same computer as the SafeLinx Server, or on a remote computer. When the SafeLinx Administrator is installed on a remote computer, you can configure TLS to secure communications between it and the SafeLinx Servers that it administers.

On networks that include multiple SafeLinx Servers, an administrator can administer all of them from a single SafeLinx Administrator. Or you can deploy multiple SafeLinx Administrators from which different administrators have access to specific resources only. After an administrator logs in, the SafeLinx Administrator dynamically displays only the resources that the administrator ID is authorized to access.

The SafeLinx Administrator runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. A SafeLinx Administrator can administer a SafeLinx Server on any operating system. For example, an administrator can use a SafeLinx Administrator that is installed on Windows to administer SafeLinx Servers that are installed on Linux, or Windows servers.