Use this section to assist you with problems that you might experience, including problems with installation.

Use this information as a self-help tool to help you resolve your problem without having to call HCL support. If you do need to call HCL support, this guide provides the information to help your HCL service representative better diagnose and resolve your problem.

Use this information to help determine and resolve problems with HCL SafeLinx. It explains how to:

  • Determine the status of various resources, devices, and links
  • Determine the level of the code installed
  • Verify SafeLinx Server processes
  • Troubleshoot login and password problems or other problems with specific symptoms
  • Determine what to do before calling HCL support
  • View messages in the message log file
  • Monitor packet flow
  • Use troubleshooting tips
  • Get port number and supported locale information
  • Get a description of trap severity codes

Go to the HCL Support Site to consult other available troubleshooting resources:

In this guide, you will see the following icons:

Table 1. Guide Icons

Troubleshooting guide icons and descriptions

Icons Description

note icon
Points out important notes to the reader.

tip icon
Highlights tips for the reader.