Changing the rate during a run

Typically, you specify the desired rate for the Rate Runner group in the Rate Schedule. However, due to various reasons, you might want to change the rate when the Rate Schedule is running.

About this task

For example, you apply the load iteratively. Therefore, in the Rate Schedule, you specify a moderate rate. If the run is progressing steadily and there is scope to apply more load, you can increase the rate. When you change the rate, the changed rate is applied to the remainder of the current stage. The next stage will automatically select the rate defined in the schedule editor.


To change the rate during a run:
  1. From the Test editor, click Run Rate Schedule. The execution report is opened either in the internal or external browser, and the state of the run is shown as Running.
  2. During the run, click Running > Change Rate.
    The Change Rate dialog box displays all the Rate Runner groups that are defined in the Rate Schedule.
  3. To specify another rate for the Rate Runner group, in Target Rate, specify the rate.